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BETA - The Becoming
of an Inc*l

by and with Elias Elling

   G_{et}(t)=h+a, \tbit \ch_{z\to\infty}L_{ov}(e)=\zlpem
I didn't want this to turn out this way, but humanity forced my hand \begin{beta*}
   g^{e+1}=r(id+\alpha t)=s^{\aerdna(t+\alpha x)}=e^{\fuel t}e^{\llipkcalb \llipeulb t}=u(t)e^{z}\Rightarrow 
K_{ill}(h) = e^r.
And this story will explain why \begin{beta}\label{lim_ex}

Watch the performance HERE

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About Beta

Oskar has met a girl and he is IN LOVE. At first it is harmless. But he would do anything for her. For anyone really. For someone who understands him. Sees him. For that person, he would do anything.

A performance about love and alienation. A tragicomic story of how far one is willing to go to be part of a context. A story about one young man's journey to becoming an incel. ​


Played at Stockholm's Konstnärliga Högskola as Elias Departure performance from a three-year bachelor's degree in acting. 8 sold-out performances of 40 minutes aimed towards junior high/high school youth.

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