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PÖL presenting: Earth is here The Movie!


Two pirates talk about a curse lurking at the bottom of the sea. An alarm clock rings and suddenly we find ourselves in an apartment. A conflict bubbles to the surface between Sara and her partner. Where is the line between reality and dream? What happens when Sara is confronted with her own darkness?

In this film I explore the thin line between reality and dream. How people deal with thoughts, dreams and anxiety. About what might actually be lurking beneath the surface.


For the first time in my life I have made a short film and of course I want to show it to you all! My dream to continue creating and to work with film, to continue with my future projects and to become a director.

The AMAZING crew:
Script and director: Felicia Nehlin
Photo: Jonas Eriksson
Haircut: Jonas Eriksson and Felicia Nehlin
Actors: Lilly Sundberg and Fanny Guttormsson 

Music: Hjalmar Wittzell
Lighting: Ghaith Taha
Sound: Joy Gadd Waringer and Leon Raya
Recording director: Nelly Karlsson
Translation: Clara Grebacken

Poster: Emil Öhlund and Felicia Nehlin


The premiere of Aristotle's Lantern - The Event

The money goes to the PÖL artist collective's fund. You will then have access to the movie forever.

Film and editing by Johan Larsson

Sound by Tomas Boman

Swish any amount to 070- 064 38 68 with the text "HLJ stream"
Venmo any amount to (917) 744-8207 with the text "HLJ stream"
Within 60 minutes of said venmo(USA) or swish(SWE), you will receive a link to the film.

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